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The application form is updated (according to VRFS 2012:1) and valid from 27 March 2012.

A law has been in force since 1 January 2004 which deals with vetting the ethics of research that involves humans. It encompasses research involving living persons, but it also covers such areas as research on the deceased, biological material from people and research that involves dealing with sensitive information about people or personal information concerning offences against the law. This web site summarizes the regulations and introduces the organisation that applies them.

The most important change since the beginning of 2004 is the establishment as independent authorities of one central ethical vetting board and six local ones. A fee is charged for each application. The fee is to be paid by the person principally responsible for the research.

Changes made to the Act (2003:460) concerning the Ethical Review Act (ethical review act). These changes came into force on 1 June 2008, see here.

Good Research Practice
The purpose of the book Good Research Practice is to discuss the overarching issues of research ethics that can emerge during the research process. This book addresses relevant legislation and ethical requirements and recommendations against the background of questions that may arise in research work.